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Seconds Sale

Seconds Sale

So excited to reveal my first seconds sale here on! 

What are seconds? They're less than perfect products that I can't sell at full price. I've got some enamel pins and A4 art prints available for this sale. Once framed, I doubt the errors will even be noticeable. 

The prints are mostly fine, but may have an occasional missing pixel in the print, or a slight smudge. They are £5, instead of the usual £12. The pins will be missing a small amount of enamel or may have some scratches on the metal. These are half the usual price at £3.50.

As these are seconds, purchases are final and I will not be able to refund or replace these items. 

This is the perfect time to grab a bargain! Add to your pin collection or start up a brand new gallery wall.


June 21, 2021
Upcoming Holiday

Upcoming Holiday

Bit of an announcement - I'm taking next week off, completely and utterly. In short, the shops will remain open but I will not be dispatching anything w/c 26th April. To get your orders out this week, please ensure they are in by Thursday 12pm. I will not be sending anything else until 4th May (as the 3rd is a bank holiday).

This break has been well overdue and with restrictions easing slightly, I'm going for a staycation and relax in Bath for a few days. I've been properly struggling with enthusiasm (and mental health) so far this year so I'm hoping the break will do me (and my inspiration) the world of good.

April 19, 2021
The 100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project

My biggest goal for 2021 is to make more art and build my portfolio. I’ve joined in with the 100 days project for the last few years, and only successfully completed it once (and even then, it was stretched way past 100 days!).
January 26, 2021