Another of my little photo diaries, this time I'm showing my Christmas 2018 trip to New York. I've been lucky enough to visit NYC a few times over the years, but this was the first time we were there for Christmas!

Christmas in New York is probably very magical for a lot of people, and the idea of it still is to me. However, actually being there is a different kind of experience. Firstly, it's very very busy. Everywhere. We got stuck in crowds of people in the street at night quite a few times which was quite scary at times. But it was very magical to see the Christmas tree and ice rink at the Rockefeller Center.

Like I said, I'd been to NYC a few times before so we had already done most of the tourist hot spots but we did go up to the top of the Rockefeller Center, which is my favourite view point because you get that iconic look of New York with the Empire State Building in all the pictures! We also did Macy's and walked downtown to see the Statue of Liberty (from the shore as the queue was about 50 miles long!). 

We also went to the South Street Seaport area on the East Side which is always a lovely area to visit. It's changed a lot since I first went but it was still nice to see the old buildings and you get a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge from there too. 

We also got the tourist sightseeing bus as it was super wet and cold one day. This is a great way to see the city as you can get on and off all day so plenty of photo ops. Me and mum also sneaked in a cheeky trip to Michael's, an amazing craft shop that puts Hobbycraft to shame. I wish we had that sort of place here in the UK! 

We ended up going to the Central Park Zoo on Christmas Day which was actually really fun. It wasn't overly busy which was nice and I got to see a Red Panda and a Brown Bear which always makes for a good day in my opinion!

It's hard to believe that this happened two years ago now! I so miss travelling and can't wait until I can book some new trips once the Pandemic starts to ease (fingers crossed, soon!). 

The tree at the Rockefeller Center.

Me near the 9/11 Memorial

Buildings with the reflection of the Freedom Tower 

Pretty Starling that came to say hello!

The Statue of Liberty. I would have liked to gone over but the queue was SO long. 

Brooklyn Bridge from the South Street Pier.

Bowne & Co, a beautiful stationery shop at South Street Seaport. If you love stationery, this shop is a must see!

Obligatory Subway photo.

Radio City looking very festive.

Times Square on a wet day.

Flat Iron Building. We only went passed this as it was on the way to Michael's where I spent a good chunk of my spending money!

Manhatten Bridge from the top of the sightseeing bus. Note: my hands were literally freezing at this point. (It's an open top).

Another shot of the Rockefeller tree.

Empire State Building from the bottom.

Lots of pigeons chilling by Central Park.

Central Park on Christmas day.

Bear at the Central Park Zoo. I have more but this was my best shot. 

NYC downtown from the Top of the Rock.

NYC Uptown from the Top of the Rock.

Saks all lit up. We got very squashed in a crowd here which was not fun.

Lion at the New York Library which btw has one of the best gift shops ever. I always buy something and it never disappoints. 

And the one time I remembered to take a photo of me holding my NYC map at a tourist spot. 

A view of the Chrysler Building near our hotel on Lexington Avenue. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and here's hoping we can book some adventures in 2021.

You can pick up my map of New York over in my shop.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Sarah x

December 22, 2020 — Sarah Frances

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