From the very beginning of my business, I've tried my best to make the best eco-friendly decisions when it comes to where I get my products made and the packaging I use.

I'm very proud of how eco friendly my products are and I always strive to limit as much single use plastic is possible - in fact, the only plastic we do use for packaging are the clear bags for art prints and notepads, and this is now made from corn starch which biodegrade and can be popped in your compost bin!

I've been looking at further ways I can help the environment with the business, and I've partnered up with Ecologi by donating a certain sum a month and in return, they plant new trees around the world and put the money towards projects that off-set carbon footprints. Even better, they let you track where the trees have been planted and the specific projects you've helped to contribute to - you can see our progress on our Ecologi page!

<center><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" title="View our Ecologi profile" style="height:160px;display:inline-block;">  <img alt="We plant trees with Ecologi" src="" style="height:160px;" /></a></center>

I've also created a new Sustainability Policy, which details everything we do in the business to help the environment so please check that out if you're interested!

If you've got any comments, questions or suggestions on what we're doing to make a more eco-friendly world, please let me know!

April 13, 2022 — Sarah Frances

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